Chris Dwyer

Continuous improvement in Secure Payments, Transfers and Global Compliance for small, medium and large companies.

Whether you are implementing the New Payments Platform for your customers, creating a more secure method of payment processing or reviewing the most efficient way a customer can be safely on-barded with zero intervention, then you will find me to be of great value to your organisation.

PCI Compliance

Over 76% of eCommerce merchants are non-compliant

My services.


Designing new ways to achieve better results for secure payments and compliance within your business


Taking an expanded view of your business to identify new opportunities


Direct Credit, Direct Debit, ACH, SEPA, FPS, NPP, Credit Card, Secure Payment Processing, Payment Gateways.


PCI-DSS, KYC, AML, CTF for Local and Global jurisdictions. Europe and Brexit impact.

Case studies.

I have had a diverse career, but broadly focussed in the Payments, Security and Compliance areas. Here are some of the more interesting projects I have been involved in.

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St George Bank
Instant Global Payments

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