About Me


I have just completed my role as co-founder at Instant Global Payments, a fintech company committed to increasing the speed and reducing the costs of international transfers. My focus was on money laundering and compliance.

Prior to this, I spent 6 years consulting to clients to improve the way they processed their payments for the customer base.

I have over 20 years experience in the Payment Systems business, and 30 years as a Consultant. As the Founder and Lead Architect of eMatters Internet Payment Gateway, I partnered with some of the biggest Australian eCommerce success stories to date, and processed more than $1Billion in payments dating back to 1999, when eCommerce was just a small portion of what it is today.

I now work with clients where the issue to solve is challenging and will allow me to expand my skills into new areas, while still allowing my extensive history and knowledge to be utilised fully.

I have a personal goal of reaching into the under-developed countries (and under-developed citizens within developed countries) to allow them to access the international finance system.


Designing new ways to achieve better results for your business


Taking an expanded view of your business to identify new opportunities


KYC, AML, CTF for Local and Global jurisdictions


Direct Credit, Direct Debit, ACH, SEPA, FPS, NPP, Credit Card, Paypal. Which do you need ?

My recent work.

1 Instant Global Payments (IGP) was founded in 2017 with the goal of providing better international money transfer services than the ones that existed. I was instrumental in the creation of the AML/CTF and KYC processes and systems, ensuring that IGP knows exactly who the customer is and the source of funds prior to sending money. One major KYC risk is “proof of identity”.

I designed and implemented an online KYC verification tool to remove the major risk of current user acquisition and authentication – the uploading of an image of their passport or license. IGP no longer needs to see image of the passport or license, which greatly reduces the risk of in-company fraud, and external theft. And the solution is fully accredited by the relevant Australian Government departments. I have also designed the roadmap for expansion into other markets and service lines when the global regulations and customer base permit.

2InterLedgerPayments was a fintech startup developing solutions around the financial blockchain known as Ripple. My role was to explore, evaluate and design the possibility of using Ripple and XRP as a payment platform into emerging countries.

I developed an MVP that allowed the transmission of funds between two parties anywhere in the world, and having the funds settle in real-time.

However, the future success of this model was limited due to the limited trading volume, depth and excessive spread in the order books. I took the decision to not proceed with this model at this time, as the risks outweighed the potential return.

However, it will make a return.

3 I created eMatters in 1999 after seeing a huge gap in the marketplace for websites of all sizes to connect directly with the card network. Some of the largest companies I contacted in 1999 were accepting orders via their website and then tasking the receptionist to manually key the numbers into their EFTPOS machine, before manually sending their purchase. And these were listed companies at that time.

I was the founder and sole Architect in this startup, which became one of the first Internet Payment Gateways in Australia. eMatters was 100% owned by me, which gave me the focus to ensure that solutions and products were all viable, secure and created within budget. I was responsible for the creation of our multi-location data centre, with dedicated links into the partner banks, and a high level of redundancy, error alerting and application firewalling. However, in this industry, the solution is never complete.

A key product I developed was our in-house fraud screening system that would monitor every transaction in real-time and provide a score for the possible level of risk. This was used by our key clients and reduced their fraud while generating fewer false positives.

Over the 13 years in which I was driving this company, we processed in excess of $1 Billion in payments via Credit Card and Direct Debit through Web, IVR, SMS, Recurring, Batch, Push and API. eMatters was the first gateway to implement 3D Secure with St George bank, the first to lodge a payment via SMS, the first gateway to incorporate the now common “afterpay” solutions. All of these solutions were designed, implemented and maintained under my leadership. eMatters had expanded to processing in New Zealand, UK, Malaysia and Singapore by the time I sold the company to a global payments provider.